Five Reasons to Get Excited about Your New VELDSKOENE Shoes

Learn More About Veldskoene Shoes

When you are looking for the perfect shoe to wear on your next hiking adventure, there is one question that needs answering; veldskoene or hiking boots? The answer to this question depends on what kind of terrain you will be encountering. Veldskoenen are shoes made in South Africa and they’re traditionally worn by farmers. They come with a thick rubber sole and leather uppers with no lacing system so they can be slipped on quickly. Hiking boots, meanwhile, have more structure than veldskoene because of their thicker soles which offer greater protection against sharp objects. Hiking boots also have lacing systems so you can tighten them around your feet for a more secure fit.


Another difference between veldskoene and hiking boots is their weight. Hiking boots are heavier than veldskoene because of the thick sole, laces, and other protective features like metal grommets for grip on slippery surfaces or plastic shells to keep water out. Veldskoenen look very light but they’re actually quite heavy themselves when you take into account that there’s no padding in them at all. They also do not offer any protection against sharp objects so if you step on a rock while wearing them it will pierce right through your shoe!

Hiking boots may be more expensive than veldskoene but considering how much use hikers get from theirs compared with farmers only using their shoes seasonally means that hiking boots are a better investment. They may also be more comfortable and have features like waterproofing which veldskoene don’t but it’s ultimately up to you how much you’re willing to spend on your outdoor footwear!

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