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How to Learn Satta King Game

The satta king game is arguably the most popular form of gambling in India. If you are not familiar with this game but you want to score a great satta king result, it is a simple concept that has been played for centuries by people all over the world. It can be played anywhere and it does not require any fancy equipment to play. All you need is your wits, some money, and someone to bet against! With so many people playing this game around the world, there are bound to be some rules that govern how the game should be played.

For a start, this game is never played with cards. It always involves a simple system of numbers and color. The number will range from one to 50. There are only two colors that matter in this game: green and red, as these denote the status of win or loss respectively.

Satta King Result

In terms of numbers, the options are an odd number or a bigger even number. In other countries, these would be denoted as odd and even respectively. There is also no such thing as black in this game because it cannot be distinguished from red!

Now that we have covered all the basics, let’s move on to some basic rules about how bets should be placed:

If you bet against another player and win then your odds will depend on your original wager amount. For example if the two players put down $100 each with one betting for yellow/red (even) while the other bets for green (odd), then if you bet correctly you get back $200 whereas your opponent only gets back $100. The odds are therefore 200/100 = +200%

If you bet against another player and lose then the situation is not so good for you! You still have to pay out your original wager amount, but now winnings do not automatically double it. This means that if someone bets $100 on green (odd) while you place a bet of $200 on red (even), then if they guess correctly they will get back their initial investment plus the payout from your end which comes up to 300 dollars in total. Now this might seem great at first because winning players always receive more than losing ones right? Wrong! If both sides make correct guesses, all four people participating in the game will walk away with nothing as no one is left to cover the other side’s bets.