Lawyers Know Around Farm, too!

Staying in Good Health the Old Way.

Living a healthy and fulfilling life in present day and age is very hard, dare we say almost impossible. A lot of easy distractions like junk food, easy unhealthy meals and soft drinks, readily accessible alcohol that were given to us by the search of modern-day comfort and never-ending quest of fulfilling our primal needs. All of that has led us further from the thing that once brought joy, happiness and good health to us, therefor further away from living a happy and fulfilling life. Factor in long stressful days at work that you could easily expect as a lawyer at a big law firm.

Withholding from indulging in all of these creature comforts of present world we live in today stands one man named Stephen Gleave Ancaster village.

Stephen Gleave Ancaster

He had over 50 completed trials during his 30 years of service as a senior trial lawyer working in Hicks Morley’s Toronto office. Living that kind of life made him realize that there are more important things in life that he could enjoy and with that prolong and enrich his life. That is why Stephen in his free time loves working on the farm in Ancaster, walking dozens of miles regularly. Stephen Gleave Ancaster also loves helping one of the most important insects in the world, bees. Beekeeping is one of his passions that he enjoys doing on his farm with his family and on the upside, he gets to enjoy all of that sweet healthy produce.

If you weren’t inspired by Stevens incredible story head on over to his site and get to know him better and learn all about his admirable man.